Advisories ยป MGASA-2016-0278

Updated firefox packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 09 Aug 2016
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 5
CVE: CVE-2016-2830 , CVE-2016-2836 , CVE-2016-2837 , CVE-2016-2838 , CVE-2016-5252 , CVE-2016-5254 , CVE-2016-5258 , CVE-2016-5259 , CVE-2016-5262 , CVE-2016-5263 , CVE-2016-5264 , CVE-2016-5265


Multiple flaws were found in the processing of malformed web content. A
web page containing malicious content could cause Firefox to crash or,
potentially, execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user
running Firefox (CVE-2016-2836, CVE-2016-5258, CVE-2016-5259,
CVE-2016-5252, CVE-2016-5263, CVE-2016-2830, CVE-2016-2838, CVE-2016-5254,
CVE-2016-5262, CVE-2016-5264, CVE-2016-5265, CVE-2016-2837).