Advisories ยป MGASA-2022-0359

Updated python3 packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 08 Oct 2022
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 8
CVE: CVE-2020-10735 , CVE-2015-20107 , CVE-2021-28861


Converting between int and str in bases other than 2 (binary), 4, 8
(octal), 16 (hexadecimal), or 32 such as base 10 (decimal) now raises a
ValueError if the number of digits in string form is above a limit to
avoid potential denial of service attacks due to the algorithmic
complexity. (CVE-2020-10735)
mailcap module does not add escape characters into commands discovered in
the system mailcap file. This may allow attackers to inject shell commands
into applications that call mailcap.findmatch with untrusted input (if
they lack validation of user-provided filenames or arguments).
Open redirection vulnerability in lib/http/ due to no protection
against multiple (/) at the beginning of URI path which may leads to
information disclosure. (CVE-2021-28861)
Also fixes permissions and title for the documentation.