Advisories ยป MGASA-2022-0157

Updated thunderbird packages fix security vulnerabilities

Publication date: 28 Apr 2022
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 8
CVE: CVE-2022-1097 , CVE-2022-1196 , CVE-2022-1197 , CVE-2022-24713 , CVE-2022-25235 , CVE-2022-25236 , CVE-2022-25315 , CVE-2022-28281 , CVE-2022-28282 , CVE-2022-28285 , CVE-2022-28286 , CVE-2022-28289


The updated thunderbird packages fix security vulnerabilities:

Use-after-free in NSSToken objects (CVE-2022-1097).

Use-after-free after VR Process destruction (CVE-2022-1196).

OpenPGP revocation information was ignored (CVE-2022-1197).

Denial of Service via complex regular expressions (CVE-2022-24713).

xmltok_impl.c in Expat (aka libexpat) before 2.4.5 lacks certain validation
of encoding, such as checks for whether a UTF-8 character is valid in a
certain context (CVE-2022-25235).

xmlparse.c in Expat (aka libexpat) before 2.4.5 allows attackers to insert
namespace-separator characters into namespace URIs (CVE-2022-25236).

In Expat (aka libexpat) before 2.4.5, there is an integer overflow in
storeRawNames (CVE-2022-25315).

Out of bounds write due to unexpected WebAuthN Extensions (CVE-2022-28281).

Use-after-free in DocumentL10n::TranslateDocument (CVE-2022-28282).

Incorrect AliasSet used in JIT Codegen (CVE-2022-28285).

iframe contents could be rendered outside the border (CVE-2022-28286).

Memory safety bugs fixed in Thunderbird 91.8 (CVE-2022-28289).