Advisories ยป MGASA-2022-0107

Updated chromium-browser-stable packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 21 Mar 2022
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 8
CVE: CVE-2022-0971 , CVE-2022-0972 , CVE-2022-0973 , CVE-2022-0974 , CVE-2022-0975 , CVE-2022-0976 , CVE-2022-0977 , CVE-2022-0978 , CVE-2022-0979 , CVE-2022-0980


The chromium-browser-stable package has been updated to the 99.0.4844.74
version that fixes multiples security vulnerabilities.

[1299422] Critical CVE-2022-0971: Use after free in Blink Layout.
[1301320] High CVE-2022-0972: Use after free in Extensions.
[1297498] High CVE-2022-0973: Use after free in Safe Browsing.
[1291986] High CVE-2022-0974 : Use after free in Splitscreen. 
[1295411] High CVE-2022-0975: Use after free in ANGLE. 
[1296866] High CVE-2022-0976: Heap buffer overflow in GPU.
[1299225] High CVE-2022-0977: Use after free in Browser UI. 
[1299264] High CVE-2022-0978: Use after free in ANGLE. 
[1302644] High CVE-2022-0979: Use after free in Safe Browsing. 
[1302157] Medium CVE-2022-0980: Use after free in New Tab Page.