Advisories ยป MGASA-2021-0369

Updated golang packages fix security vulnerabilities

Publication date: 25 Jul 2021
Modification date: 25 Jul 2021
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 8
CVE: CVE-2021-27918 , CVE-2021-31525 , CVE-2021-33195 , CVE-2021-33196 , CVE-2021-33197 , CVE-2021-33198 , CVE-2021-34558


encoding/xml in Go before 1.15.9 and 1.16.x before 1.16.1 has an infinite loop
if a custom TokenReader (for xml.NewTokenDecoder) returns EOF in the middle of
an element. This can occur in the Decode, DecodeElement, or Skip method

net/http in Go before 1.15.12 and 1.16.x before 1.16.4 allows remote attackers
to cause a denial of service (panic) via a large header to ReadRequest or
ReadResponse. Server, Transport, and Client can each be affected in some
configurations (CVE-2021-31525).

A security issue has been found in Go before version 1.16.5. The LookupCNAME,
LookupSRV, LookupMX, LookupNS, and LookupAddr functions in net, and their
respective methods on the Resolver type may return arbitrary values retrieved
from DNS which do not follow the established RFC 1035 rules for domain names.
If these names are used without further sanitization, for instance unsafely
included in HTML, they may allow for injection of unexpected content. Note
that LookupTXT may still return arbitrary values that could require
sanitization before further use (CVE-2021-33195).

A security issue has been found in Go. Due to a pre-allocation optimization in
zip.NewReader, a malformed archive which indicates it has a significant number
of files can cause either a panic or memory exhaustion (CVE-2021-33196).

ReverseProxy fails to delete the Connection headers (as well as other legacy
hop-by-hop headers, which however per RFC 7230 need to also be specified in
Connection) if there are multiple ones and the first is empty, due to an
incorrect Get(h) == "" check. This can lead to a security issue if the proxy
is adding an important header, like X-Forwarded-For, and is sitting in front
of another proxy which can be instructed by an attacker to drop that header as
a hop-by-hop header (CVE-2021-33197).

A security issue has been found in Go before version 1.16.5. The SetString and
UnmarshalText methods of math/big.Rat may cause a panic or an unrecoverable
fatal error if passed inputs with very large exponents (CVE-2021-33198).

The crypto/tls package of Go through 1.16.5 does not properly assert that the
type of public key in an X.509 certificate matches the expected type when
doing a RSA based key exchange, allowing a malicious TLS server to cause a TLS
client to panic (CVE-2021-34558).