Advisories ยป MGASA-2020-0113

Updated xen packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 06 Mar 2020
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 7
CVE: CVE-2018-12207 , CVE-2019-11135 , CVE-2019-17349 , CVE-2019-17349 , CVE-2019-17350 , CVE-2019-18420 , CVE-2019-18421 , CVE-2019-18422 , CVE-2019-18423 , CVE-2019-18424 , CVE-2019-18425


- Updated from 4.12.0 to 4.12.1
- Device quarantine for alternate pci assignment methods [XSA-306]
- x86: Machine Check Error on Page Size Change DoS [XSA-304, CVE-2018-12207]
- TSX Asynchronous Abort speculative side channel [XSA-305, CVE-2019-11135]
- VCPUOP_initialise DoS [XSA-296, CVE-2019-18420] (rhbz#1771368)
- missing descriptor table limit checking in x86 PV emulation [XSA-298,
  CVE-2019-18425] (rhbz#1771341)
- Issues with restartable PV type change operations [XSA-299, CVE-2019-18421]
- add-to-physmap can be abused to DoS Arm hosts [XSA-301, CVE-2019-18423]
- passed through PCI devices may corrupt host memory after deassignment
  [XSA-302, CVE-2019-18424] (rhbz#1767731)
- ARM: Interrupts are unconditionally unmasked in exception handlers
  [XSA-303, CVE-2019-18422] (rhbz#1771443)
- Unlimited Arm Atomics Operations [XSA-295, CVE-2019-17349,
  CVE-2019-17350] (rhbz#1720760)
- fix HVM DomU boot on some chipsets
- adjust grub2 workaround