Advisories ยป MGASA-2014-0252

Updated file packages fix CVE-2014-0237-8

Publication date: 06 Jun 2014
Modification date: 06 Jun 2014
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 3 , 4
CVE: CVE-2014-0237 , CVE-2014-0238


Updated file packages fix security vulnerabilities:

A flaw was found in the way file's Composite Document Files (CDF)
format parser handle CDF files with many summary info entries. The
cdf_unpack_summary_info() function unnecessarily repeatedly read the
info from the same offset. This led to many file_printf() calls in
cdf_file_property_info(), which caused file to use an excessive amount
of CPU time when parsing a specially-crafted CDF file (CVE-2014-0237).

A flaw was found in the way file parsed property information from
Composite Document Files (CDF) files. A property entry with 0 elements
triggers an infinite loop (CVE-2014-0238).