Advisories ยป MGASA-2013-0359

Updated drupal package fixes security vulnerabilities

Publication date: 30 Nov 2013
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 3
CVE: CVE-2013-6385 , CVE-2013-6386 , CVE-2013-6387 , CVE-2013-6388 , CVE-2013-6389


Drupal's form API has built-in cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
validation, and also allows any module to perform its own validation on
the form. In certain common cases, form validation functions may execute
unsafe operations (CVE-2013-6385).

Drupal core directly used the mt_rand() pseudorandom number generator for
generating security related strings used in several core modules. It was
found that brute force tools could determine the seeds making these
strings predictable under certain circumstances (CVE-2013-6386).

Image field descriptions are not properly sanitized before they are
printed to HTML, thereby exposing a cross-site scripting vulnerability

A cross-site scripting vulnerability was found in the Color module. A
malicious attacker could trick an authenticated administrative user into
visiting a page containing specific JavaScript that could lead to a
reflected cross-site scripting attack via JavaScript execution in CSS

The Overlay module displays administrative pages as a layer over the
current page (using JavaScript), rather than replacing the page in the
browser window. The Overlay module did not sufficiently validate URLs
prior to displaying their contents, leading to an open redirect
vulnerability (CVE-2013-6389).