Advisories ยป MGAA-2023-0075

Updated nextcloud-client packages fix bugs and switch to the new supported branch

Publication date: 27 Sep 2023
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 9


Sort encrypted files by their id to compute checksum by @mgallien in
Try different permutation to try to recover the broken checksum by
@mgallien in #5572
Fix unit tests SecureFileDrop by @allexzander in #5574
Do not display error status and messages when aborting a sync during
hydration request in VFS mode by @allexzander in #5579
Correct spelling by @Valdnet in #5567
in case server has no private key, let e2ee init fail by @mgallien in
Edit locally. Restart current folder sync immediately after file opened.
by @allexzander in #5588
fix compilation with clazy and fully-qualified-moc-types checks enabled
by @mgallien in #5587
Enter next log file if the current log file is larger than 512 KB by
@claucambra in #5580
Alway add the item at the end of the layout. by @camilasan in #5595
properly preserve the format of e2ee metadata during DB operations by
@mgallien in #5577
Edit locally. Elide loading dialog filename label middle. by
@allexzander in #5612
Fix crash on entering new log file after file size of 512kb reached by
@claucambra in #5603
Properly handle all fatal errors during edit locally setup procedure by
@claucambra in #5583
Update nextcloudcmd.rst to include dedicated install method for Debian
instead of using a Ubuntu ppa. by @mayonezo in #5243
Fix MacOS UTF-8 normalization issue by @xavi-b in #4957
Parse sharees 'lookup' key to include federated sharees. by @allexzander
in #5613
Unlock Office files when they are closed by @allexzander in #5607
Implement missing share settings by @allexzander in #5622
no longer override the pixman default version by @mgallien in #5630
Edit locally. Fix crash on _chekTokenJob pointer deref. by @allexzander
in #5637
Remove some SQL debug logs to unclutter the output. by @allexzander in
Annotated version of Big Sur icon by @elsiehupp in #4714
E2EE. Fix freeze on metadata checksum validation. by @allexzander in
Fix update request channel being set to wrong localised string by
@claucambra in #5462
Fix folder progress bar positioning in account settings on macOS by
@claucambra in #5645
Fix setting [undefined] to QFont in 'Sync now' button by @claucambra in
Attempt sign in when an account state is added in AccountManager by
@claucambra in #5493
Fix account migration from legacy desktop clients (again) by @claucambra
in #5640
Feature/group folders visibility improved by @allexzander in #5636
Use addLayout to insert the VFS option when setting account. by
@camilasan in #5665
Update CHANGELOG. by @camilasan in #5643
i18n: Word separation by @Valdnet in #5676
Implement File Provider file synchronisation engine for macOS by
@claucambra in #5527
Fix unrecoverable freezing when PutMultiFileJob is used with upload rate
limits enabled by @claucambra in #5680
Dismiss notifications by @camilasan in #5687
Display file tags in File Details by @claucambra in #5596
Allow opening a file or folder in the local sync root. by @allexzander
in #5686
Provide feedback on share link copy by @claucambra in #5672
Ask before importing accounts from legacy clients by @claucambra in
Feature/resolve all conflicts by @mgallien in #5635
Update CHANGELOG. by @camilasan in #5706
change size of dismiss button for items in activity list by @mgallien in
[stable-3.9] Fix tray window header folders button colour by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5723
[stable-3.9] align activity text with "Sync now" text by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5725
[stable-3.9] ensure that the file to test monitoring is hidden by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5733
[stable-3.9] Fix tray styling by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5741
[stable-3.9] Fix macOS build when file provider module build is disabled
by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5742
[stable-3.9] Fix dark mode switch issues in tray controls manually
overriding palette colours by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5744
[stable-3.9] fix build on windows by adding missing archive name
properties on libs by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5748
[stable-3.9] Fix macOS icon by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5762
[stable-3.9] Bugfix/log less verbose by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5775
Revert inclusion of File Provider module in 3.9 branch by @claucambra in
[stable-3.9] Bugfix. Conflict resolution button not clickable. by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5777
[stable-3.9] display subject when we have sync issues like network
errors by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5782
[stable-3.9] Fix UnifiedSearch text field placeholder text color for
light and dark theme by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5785
[stable-3.9] addd a cmake option to enable single account desktop client
by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5789
[stable-3.9] Fix colouring of NCRadioButton by @backportbot-nextcloud in
[stable-3.9] chore: update workflows from templates by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5794
[stable-3.9] Bugfix/rotate log less often by @backportbot-nextcloud in
[stable-3.9] Bugfix/adjust log levels by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5799
[stable-3.9] Bugfix/unsupported filename on server by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5812
[stable-3.9] Bugfix/remove stale caseclashcopies by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5817
[stable-3.9] Build for Debian Bookworm by @backportbot-nextcloud in
[stable-3.9] Bugfix/checksum calculation stop on destruction by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5827
[stable-3.9] prevent crash by resetting common pointer after deleting
gobject menu by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5850
[stable-3.9] Documentation for mass deployment. by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5857
[stable-3.9] Update the documentation with information on how
'Edit locally' works. by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5858
[stable-3.9] Fix typos found by codespell by @backportbot-nextcloud in
[stable-3.9] Remove seen Talk notificatios from Tray window. by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5869
[stable-3.9] fix bulk upload of empty files by @backportbot-nextcloud in
[stable-3.9] add link in readme to nextcloud-releases correct page with
binaries by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5880
[stable-3.9] always propagate locked status to read-only or read/write
for real file by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5883
[stable-3.9] chore(CI): Sign .drone.yml file by @nickvergessen in #5887
[stable-3.9] Added new state and new job to check if /index.php/204 is
being redirected by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5894
[stable-3.9] Fix crash and incorrect implementation of seen chat
notofications removal by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5897
[stable-3.9] Disable share view completely when server does not support
or has disabled file sharing by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5900
[stable-3.9] Set VFS PinState to Excluded for ignored files. by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5904
[stable-3.9] Create placeholder while dehydrating if needed by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5906
[stable-3.9] Fix password generation for shares, improve generator by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5908
[stable-3.9] Fix expire date field in Share settings by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5907
[stable-3.9] Fix SVG rendering error in SvgImageProvider by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5909
[stable-3.9] Fix build of sharemodel.cpp on MSVC by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5913
[stable-3.9] Improve macOS Sparkle updater by @backportbot-nextcloud in
Remove Kinetic, add Mantic to stable-3.9 by @ivaradi in #5921
[stable-3.9] Feature/check server availibility everyminute by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5928
[stable-3.9] windows reserved word silently excluded - csync exclude.cpp
by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5934
[stable-3.9] Do not modify discovered files on disk if not necessary by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5958