Advisories ยป MGAA-2023-0010

Updated nextcloud-client packages fix bugs

Publication date: 07 Feb 2023
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


3.6.6 version is mainly a bug fix release, together with 3.6.5.

 Do not assert when sharing to a circle by @mgallien in #5310
 Drop dependency on Qt Quick Controls 1 by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5312
 Feature/allow forceoverrideurl via command line by @backportbot-nextcloud
 in #5332
 Fix typo by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5270
 Check that we update local file mtime on changes from server by
 @backportbot-nextcloud in #5321
 Fix regressions on pinState management when doing renames by
 @backportbot-nextcloud in #5333
 Always generate random initialization vector when uploading encrypted
 file by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5334
 Fix SyncEngineTest failure when localstate is destroyed. by
 @backportbot-nextcloud in #5336
 Bugfix/e2ee vulnerability empty metadatakeys by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5335

 Revert "Fix(l10n): Update translations from Transifex"