Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0160

Updated nextcloud-client packages to the recommended client with for Nextcloud 25

Publication date: 24 Dec 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


Update to version 3.6.4 fixes many bugs and is the recommended client for
Nextcloud 25.

Together with 3.6.2 and 3.6.3, the following changes are introduced ...
desktop#5254 [stable-3.6] do not create GUI from a random thread and show
error on real error
desktop#5171 [stable-3.6] Fix typo of connector
desktop#5186 [stable-3.6] fix renaming of folders with a deep hierarchy
inside them
desktop#5213 [stable-3.6] Make user status selector modal, show user
desktop#5225 [stable-3.6] Prevent bad encrypting of folder if E2EE has not
been correctly set up
desktop#5237 [stable-3.6] Feature/edit file locally restart sync
desktop#5239 Add forcefoldersync method to folder manager
desktop#5240 [stable-3.6] Make use of plain text-enforcing qml labels
desktop#5246 [stable-3.6] Lock file when editing locally
desktop#5249 [stable-3.6] Format some QLabels as plain text
[stable-3.6] Fix call notification dialog buttons by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5075
[stable-3.6] emit missing signal to update folder sync status icon by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5090
[stable-3.6] Fix macOS autoupdater settings by @backportbot-nextcloud in
[stable-3.6] Validate and sanitise edit locally token and relpath before
sending to server by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5106
[stable-3.6] Fix compatibility with newer python3-nautilus by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5112
[stable-3.6] Refactor FolderMan's "Edit Locally" capabilities as separate
class by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5111
[stable-3.6] use new public API to open an edit locally URL by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5117
[stable-3.6] Use separate variable for cfg file name in CMAKE. by
@backportbot-nextcloud in #5140
Fix stable-3.6 compile on macOS by @claucambra in #5154
Fix bad backport of CustomButton changes in Stable-3.6 by @claucambra in
Backport/5067/stable 3.6 by @allexzander in #5153
Backport/5092/stable 3.6 by @allexzander in #5156
[stable-3.6] properly escape a path when creating a test file during tests
by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5158