Advisories » MGAA-2022-0137

Updated siril packages fix bugs

Publication date: 28 Oct 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


While version 1.0.5 could be the last available version of the 1.0 branch,
it turns out that some annoying bugs have been reported and needed to be
treated as a priority. Siril 1.0.6 is therefore made available for bug
fixing purposes only:
When an empty or malformed SER file was in the directory, previewing it
would crash siril.
Saving an image as TIFF could crash siril.
Extracting the polynomial background gradient could crash siril when not
enough samples were set.
The iif command of Pixel Math had a problem. Also, PixelMath mishandled
some negative values.
Cropping a sequence with images of different sizes would crash if the
selected area was not common to all the frames of the sequence.
Command seqstat could crash on large sequences when some images were not
Siril could crash when a large star was close to border during star
Asinh tool had bad behaviour with the black point for monochrome and
32bits images.
Searching for a sky object in SIMBAD containing a ‘+’ character in its
named failed.