Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0133

Updated nextcloud-client packages fix bugs and support

Publication date: 05 Oct 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


Update to version 3.6.0 fixes bugs and switches to the new supported
desktop#3461 Fix crash in cldapi.dll
desktop#4526 Updating command-rebase.yml workflow from template
desktop#4577 Reply button size should be same as the input field, smaller
+ text color
desktop#4616 Fix crashing when selecting user status and predefined
statuses not appearing
desktop#4624 Make user status dialog look in line with the rest of the
desktop client tray and Nextcloud
desktop#4628 Add a placeholder message for the recents tab of the emoji
desktop#4631 Add SVG icon styled for macOS Big Sur
desktop#4643 Ensure the dispatch source only gets deallocated after the
dispatch_source_cancel is done, avoiding crashing of the Finder Sync
Extension on macOS
desktop#4650 Properly adapt the UserStatusSelectorModel to QML, eliminate
hacks, make code more declarative
desktop#4655 Fix the system tray menu not being correctly replaced in
setupContextMenu on GNOME
desktop#4663 Make the share dialog resizeable
desktop#4667 Make client language gender-neutral and more clear
desktop#4671 Use an en-dash for the userstatus panel
desktop#4672 Close call notifications when the call has been joined by the
user, or the call has ended
desktop#4678 Correct spelling
desktop#4679 Print sync direction in
desktop#4682 Windows CI. Use specific Craft revision.
desktop#4683 Add 'db/local/remote' reference to log string.
desktop#4685 Work around issues with window positioning on Linux DEs,
hardcode tray window to screen center when new account added
desktop#4686 Add a custom back button to the account wizard's advanced
setup page
desktop#4687 Clean up systray methods, make more QML-friendly
desktop#4688 Refactor tray window opening code for clarity and efficiency
desktop#4693 Increase the call state checking interval to not overload the
desktop#4700 Fix bad quote in CMakeLists PNG generation message
desktop#4703 Only set _FORTIFY_SOURCE when a higher level of this flag has
not been set
desktop#4704 Switch to using the main client CI image based on ubuntu
desktop#4706 Limit concurrent notifications
desktop#4707 Use macOS-specific application icon
desktop#4710 QML-ify the UserModel, use properties rather than setter
desktop#4712 Take ints by value rather than reference in UserModel methods
desktop#4713 Feature/vfs windows thumbnails
desktop#4717 Respect skipAutoUpdateCheck in nextcloud.cfg with Sparkle on
desktop#4718 Restyle unified search skeleton items animation and simplify
their code
desktop#4719 Stop styling QML unified search items hierarchically, use
global Style constants
desktop#4720 Use preprocessor directive rather than normal 'if' for
UNNotification types
desktop#4723 Make apps menu scrollable when content taller than available
vertical space, preventing borking of layout
desktop#4734 Ensure that throttled notifications still appear in tray
activity model
desktop#4735 Stop clearing notifications when new notifications are
desktop#4738 Fix ActivityItemContent QML paintedWidth errors
desktop#4748 Clicking on an activity list item for a file opens the local
file if available
desktop#4753 Replace unified search text field busy indicator with custom
desktop#4755 Update macOS Info.plist
desktop#4756 Ensure debug archive contents are readable by any user
desktop#4758 Remove Ubuntu Impish, add Kinetic
desktop#4760 Make UserStatusSelector a dismissible page pushed onto the
tray window
desktop#4771 Feature/handle edit locally
desktop#4773 Add Debian Bullseye build
desktop#4774 Double-clicking tray icon opens currently-selected user's
local folder (if available)
desktop#4790 Clean up TalkReplyTextField, remove unnecessary parent Item
desktop#4797 Refactor user line
desktop#4799 Do not reboot PC when running an MSI via autoupdate.
desktop#4801 Always run MSI with full UI.
desktop#4802 Eliminate padding around the menu separator in the account
desktop#4804 Feature/enable more warnings also for gcc
desktop#4810 Move CFAPI shell extensions variables to root CMakeLists.
desktop#4815 Move URI scheme variable from Nextcloud.cmake to root
desktop#4816 Ensure SyncEngine use an initialized instance of SyncOptions
desktop#4818 Fix QML warnings
desktop#4820 I18n: Spelling unification
desktop#4821 Fix crash: 'Failed to create OpenGL context'.
desktop#4822 Fix bugs with setting 'Away' user status
desktop#4827 Fix greek translation for application name in menu
desktop#4829 Align, resize, and layout everything uniformly in the unified
search view
desktop#4830 Remove and from Appimage
desktop#4831 Fix unified search item placeholder image source
desktop#4833 Use same tooltip component everywhere, fix tooltip clipping
desktop#4834 Bump version and year.
desktop#4839 Fix account switching and hover issues with UserLine
desktop#4840 Remove Ubuntu Focal
desktop#4842 Add a ScrollView to the predefined statuses area of the
desktop#4843 Prevent the 'Cancel' button of the user status selector
getting squashed
desktop#4844 Ensure that clear status message combo box is at least
implicit width
desktop#4845 Fix alignment of predefined status contents regardless of
emoji fonts
desktop#4850 Prevent crashing when trying to create error-ing QML
component in systray.cpp, output error to log
desktop#4852 Add
desktop#4853 Ensure file activity dialog is centered on screen and appears
at top of window stack
desktop#4866 Build script for AppImage should not assume Nextcloud is the
desktop#4867 Fix File Activities dialog not showing up.
desktop#4869 Reads and store fileId and remote permissions during bulk
desktop#4882 Do not build qt keychain already included in the CI images
desktop#4884 Bugfix/web engine on win11
desktop#4885 Update CHANGELOG for the 3.6.0 release.
desktop#4900 Fix script that upload AppImage to go in correct path