Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0126

Updated php packages fix various bugs.

Publication date: 21 Sep 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


Updated php package brings the latest bug fixes.

Core -
  Fixed incorrect double to long casting in latest clang.

  Fixed LMDB driver memory leak on DB creation failure (Girgias)
  Fixed bug dba_open("non-existing", "c-", "flatfile") segfaults.

Intl -
  Fixed IntlDateFormatter::formatObject() parameter type.

OPcache -
  Fixed bug Loading blacklist file can fail due to negative length.

PDO_SQLite -
  Fixed bug SQLite3 authorizer crashes on NULL values.

SQLite3 -
  Fixed bug SQLite3 authorizer crashes on NULL values.

Standard -
  Fixed bug php_stream_sock_open_from_socket could return NULL.

Streams -
  Fixed bug The resource returned by stream_socket_accept may have incorrect metadata.
  Fixed bug SSL handshake timeout leaves persistent connections hanging