Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0118

Updated boinc-client packages update to version 7.20.2

Publication date: 29 Aug 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


This version 7.20.2 belongs to the new stable branch. It provides bug
fixes and stability improvements.
[Bugfix] Switch skin when manager is not connected
BOINC does not gracefully handle capitalization discrepancies
[Client]: if bandwidth limit is removed (up or down), remove limit from
active transfers.
[Client]: fix bug in work fetch logic for case of zero resource share and
zero work buf.
[Client]: fix #2837 removed a special use case where idle was desired
before work fetch
[Client]: pass process priority to wrapper
[Client]: disable GET feature of GUI RPC
[Client]: allow empty GUI RPC password but show warning
[Client] (linux): Ignore tty(S|ACM) devices in TTY idle time calculation
[Client]: display IPV6 addresses correctly
[Client]: don't tell Manager that graphics app exists if it's still
[Client]: add reset_host_info() GUI RPC
[Client]: put CDATA around link field of notices
[Client]: fix problems with set_app_config() RPC
[Client]: fix overly aggressive project-wide file transfer backoff policy
[Client]: fix work-fetch logic when max concurrent limits are used
[Client] (Win): fix detection of Windows product
[Client]: Fix bug in new version check
[Manager] wxWidgets debug alert when switching between advanced and simple
[Manager] Memory access error on closedown
[Manager][linux] Search for skins to display on Simple View
[Manager] show appropriate Welcome Page on first run.
[Manager] fix alt-space crash
[Manager] fix RTL languages in disk view
[Manager] add ctrl-A shortcut to go to advanced view
[Manager] add "Suspend when no mouse/keyboard input in last XX minutes" to
prefs dialog
[Manager] correctly handle large numbers in prefs
[Manager] fix failure to connect to client with non-English language