Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0113

Updated nextcloud-client packages fix bugs

Publication date: 20 Aug 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


desktop#4726 Fix the system tray menu not being correctly replaced in
setupContextMenu on GNOME
desktop#4727 Ensure call notification stays on top of other windows
desktop#4729 Work around issues with window positioning on Linux DEs,
hardcode tray window to screen center when new account added
desktop#4731 Clean up systray methods, make more QML-friendly
desktop#4739 Refactor tray window opening code for clarity and efficiency
desktop#4740 Only set _FORTIFY_SOURCE when a higher level of this flag has
not been set
desktop#4741 Limit concurrent notifications
desktop#4742 Take ints by value rather than reference in UserModel methods
desktop#4743 Respect skipAutoUpdateCheck in nextcloud.cfg with Sparkle on
desktop#4744 Use preprocessor directive rather than normal 'if' for
UNNotification types
desktop#4745 QML-ify the UserModel, use properties rather than setter
desktop#4750 Fix ActivityItemContent QML paintedWidth errors
desktop#4763 Stop clearing notifications when new notifications are
desktop#4764 Ensure debug archive contents are readable by any user
desktop#4765 Stop styling QML unified search items hierarchically, use
global Style constants
desktop#4766 Update macOS Info.plist
desktop#4767 print sync direction in
desktop#4772 Remove Ubuntu Impish, add Kinetic
desktop#4775 Ensure that throttled notifications still appear in tray
activity model
desktop#4783 Make apps menu scrollable when content taller than available
vertical space, preventing borking of layout