Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0103

Updated gcc packages fixes a few bugs and a regression

Publication date: 25 Jul 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


The update to gcc 10.4 in MGAA-2022-0094 caused a regression in valarray
definition causing atleast chromium builds to fail. 

This update fixes that regression, and also adds the following fixes:
- d: Fix error: aggregate value used where floating point was expected
- Fortran: improve error recovery for EXTENDS_TYPE_OF() [PR106121]
- Fortran: error recovery on invalid CLASS(), PARAMETER declarations [PR105243]
- Fortran: do not generate conflicting results under -ff2c [PR104313]
- tree-sra: Fix union handling in build_reconstructed_reference