Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0099

Updated solaar packages fix bugs and adds features

Publication date: 12 Jul 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


1.1.4 fixes numerous bugs and adds some features.
Update Croatian translation
Handle unanticipated values for persistent remappable action as default
Improve system tray interface documentation
Remove blank lines from system tray popup
Update Polish translation
Add depress and release options to KeyPress rule action
Only close existing devices for receiver
Differentiate debug messages for different setting types
Implement packed range setting in config panel
Only produce warning for unimplemented display of setting
Add sidetone and equalizer settings for headsets
Add packed ranges setting
Use built-ins for conversions between int and byte string
Don't add HI_RES wheel ecodes to evdev device codes
Handle null key in persistent remappable actions when device does not
Consult polling rate feature for polling rate
Eliminate extra file handles
Close file handles for receiver-connected devices
Access to more keys in KeyPress rule action when in other keyboard groups
Update Turkish translation
Put battery levels in tray menu labels
Reduce warnings for inaccessible keys in KeyPress rule action
Better determination of keycodes and insert needed shifts in KeyPress
Be careful when processing notifications for partly set up devices.
Clear out fields for empty persistent remappable action.
Fix message generation when device is offline.
Fix bug in feature lookup.
Add support for G533 Headset and G502 Gaming Mouse
Improve device features handling.
Keep trying settings that have worked in the past.
Store None in persisters for non-persisting settings.
Only create configuration entries for off-line devices if they have a
serial number