Advisories ยป MGAA-2022-0043

mesa 21.3.8 maintenance release

Publication date: 28 Mar 2022
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


This update provides mesa 21.3.8 maintenance release fixing various bugs.
Additional fixes on top of 21.3.8:
- llvmpipe: fix occlusion queries with early depth test
- crocus: don't map scanout buffers as write-back
- anv: fix xfb usage with rasterizer discard
- anv: fix CmdSetColorWriteEnableEXT for maximum rts
- anv: fix some dynamic rasterization discard cases in pipeline construction
- radeonsi: don't clear framebuffer.state before dcc decomp
- anv: Allow MSAA resolve with different numbers of planes
- panfrost: Emulate GL_CLAMP on Bifrost
- pan/bi: Handle non-2D arrays
- panfrost: Don't initialise the trampolines array
- panfrost: Optimise recalculation of max sampler view
- Revert "ci: downgrade sphinx to v3.x"
- Revert "glx: Fix build errors with --enable-mangling (v2)"
- lavapipe: always clone shader nir for shader states
- gallivm: fix oob image detection for cube/1dArray/2dArray/cubeArray
- vulkan: Make sure we've loaded our connectors when querying plane props.
- anv: fix variable shadowing
- anv: zero-out anv_batch_bo
- intel/fs: Force destination types on DP4A instructions
- zink: flag sample locations for re-set on batch flush
- anv: emit timestamp & availability using the same part of CS
- anv: flush tile cache with query copy command
- zink: force-add usage when adding last-ref tracking
- zink: only update usage on buffer rebind if rebinds occurred
- lavapipe: Use VK_OUTARRAY for GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties[2]
- radv: Don't hash ycbcr sampler base object.

libdrm has been updated to 2.4.110 for some vrious fixes and some additional
hardware support.
Additional fixes on top of 2.4.110:
- amdgpu: add marketing names from 21.50