Advisories ยป MGAA-2021-0204

Mesa 21.2.4 maintenance release

Publication date: 21 Oct 2021
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


Mesa 21.2.4 maintenance update for various bugfixes and
performance improvements.

For more info about the 21.2.4 update, see the refeenced relnotes.

Added fixes on top of upstream 21.2.4:
- nir/loop_unroll: Always unroll loops that iterate at most once
- radeonsi: Fix leak of screen->perfcounters
- anv: use vk_object_zalloc for wsi fences created
- isl: only bump the min row pitch for display when not specified
- i965: Emit a NULL surface for buffer textures with no buffer
- egl: set TSD as NULL after deinit
- iris: fix scratch address patching for TESS_EVAL stage

libdrm adds a memleak fix + adding some device ids.