Advisories ยป MGAA-2019-0061

Updated kernel-firmware-nonfree packages provide new and updated nonfree firmwares

Publication date: 11 Jul 2019
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 7


This update provides new and updated nonfree firmwares. 

- kernel-firmware-nonfree:
  * cadence: update firmware for mhdp8546
  * cavium: Add firmware for CNN55XX crypto driver
  * imx: sdma: update firmware to v3.5/v4.5
  * nvidia: update GP10[2467] SEC2 RTOS with the one already used on GP108
  * rsi: update firmware images for Redpine 9113 chipset
  * rsi: add firmware image for redpine 9116 chipset

- iwlwifi-firmware:
  * Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth 9260, 9560, 22161
  * Add firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX201
  * update -36 firmware for 8000 series
  * update FW for 9000 series to Core45-96
  * update FW for 22000 to Core45-96
  * add new firmwares for integrated 22000 series