Advisories » MGAA-2017-0103

Updated dnf packages fix several issues

Publication date: 02 Nov 2017
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 6


The DNF package manager stack has been updated to address several issues.

For libsolv, there was one issue:
* libsolv was not properly processing library Obsoletes when multi-arch
repository configurations are enabled (mga#21827)

For dnf, there were a few issues:
* Undoing a remove transaction marks packages as user installed
* dnf -C (or dnf –cacheonly) does not work as documented for a regular
user (rhbz#1473964)
* the 'priority=' option in /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo is not respected
* Mishandling stderr vs stdout (dnf search, dnf repoquery) (rhbz#1499623)

For dnf-plugins-core, there was one enhancement:
* The copr plugin has been extended with new options for 'dnf copr list'

For dnf-plugins-extras, there were two issues:
* dnf system-upgrade: dnf.exceptions.MarkingError: no package matched
* system-upgrade fails to connect to online mirrors during upgrade when
caches are missing (rhbz#1492036)