Advisories ยป MGAA-2017-0061

Updated dnf package management stack addresses several issues

Publication date: 17 Aug 2017
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 6


The DNF package manager stack has been updated to address several issues.

For libsolv, there was one issue:

* libsolv was not properly processing multiple Obsoletes in a single
  transaction (rhbz#1470922)

For dnf, there were a few issues:

* "dnf list updates" was listing all possible updates, rather than only
  the latest one (rhbz#1423472)
* "dnf repoquery --obsoletes " did not return Obsoletes defined
  in the package (rhbz#1457368)

For dnf-plugins-core, there was one issue:

* "dnf config-manager --addrepo" returned 0 on failure (rhbz#1439514)

For dnf-plugins-extras, there was one issue:

* dnf snapper plugin didn't create a snapshot before the transaction and
  after the transaction to provide a useful recovery snapshot of the system

In addition, as part of the update for dnf to 2.6.2, it gained the ability
to use short subcommand aliases for some common subcommands and to create
foreign architecture installation roots. Please see the wiki page on using
DNF for more details: