Advisories ยป MGAA-2015-0042

Updated mate-file-manager packages fix using caja with other desktops

Publication date: 03 May 2015
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 4


Updated mate-file-manager packages fix an issue:

When a user tries to run Caja (mate-file-manager) from commandline on a KDE 
or any DE apart from MATE; caja doesn't exists even the last caja window is 

The problem for Caja comes from default Caja settings. Unlike KDE or GNOME3 
or XFCE, the desktop and automounts are handled by caja. Thus caja must be 
run as a daemon mode in order to volume/cd/dvd mounts in MATE. So, it does 
not exit when last caja window closed. This behaviour may be changed by 
modifying caja preferences using dconf-editor or directly gsettings 
(org.mate.caja.preferences/exit-with-last-window option set to true)

Since, Destop Environments other than MATE doesn't rely on Caja's 
automounting feature; this setting always should be "true" for them. This 
update adds a patch which sets exit-with-last-window option value to true 
for other desktops.