Advisories ยป MGAA-2014-0138

Updated x11-driver-video-intel package fixes memory leak and other issues

Publication date: 27 Jun 2014
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 4


* Restore the pipe stall when changing CC state on gen6, otherwise
  the GPU may not flush intermediate results from all EU resulting
  in render corruption (usually the occasional black box).
  Regression from 2.99.906

* Fix invalid pageflipping of GLXPixmaps by UXA.

* Consistently treat DPMS Suspend/Standy as Off, otherwise we may
  incorrectly restore the backlight in UXA.

* Fix disabling the backlight in UXA when querying the value whilst off

* Invalidate between every operation if rendering into the source or mask.
  Fixes regression in 2.99.907 on Ivybridge (seen in KDE)

* Check for available batch buffer state before restoring state on gen4,
  otherwise we overwrite surface state with commands and cause a GPU hang.

* Prevent an invalid free by TearFree

* Fix confusion in TearFree when it tried to pageflip to a stale bo

* Initialise TearFree contents with the current frontbuffer upon creation,
  otherwise old content may be visible for significant fractions of a
  second after resume or DPMS on

* Nullify the old pointer into a CPU mmapping of the bo when promoting it
  on the GPU. Eventually that old pointer becomes invalid and will cause
  the Xserver to crash.
  Fixes regression in 2.99.906

* Restore the serialNumber on the GC correctly after falling back to
  software. This was seen to cause corruption with Wine.

* Do not ignore CPU damage on a pixmap unless the Composite operation
  will completely overwrite it. This was observed in xfce4.

* Skip fake outputs during initial probe as they can cause a NULL pointer

* Fix rendering of dashed zero-width lines onto 24bit buffers

* Cap the freed Pixmap cache and reuse it more often
  Fixes a regression in 2.99.907 that caused the memory used by X to
  grow until it was cleaned up during server regreneration