Advisories ยป MGAA-2013-0117

Updated lm_sensors package prevents possible hardware breakage

Publication date: 05 Oct 2013
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 2



September 5th, 2013:
Hardware breakage reported Over the past few months, we had several reports
of sensors-detect causing serious trouble on recent hardware (most notably
laptops.) We still don't know what exactly is happening, and while it
might be reversible, we don't know how, so in practice this is equivalent
to the hardware itself being broken. The symptoms are that the display
starts misbehaving ( wrong resolution or  wrong gamma factor.) We have
mitigated the risk by changing the default behavior of sensors-detect to
no longer touch EDID EEPROMs and then to no longer probe graphics adapters
at all unless the user asks for it. We urge maintainers to backport
changesets r6040 and r6084 to all Linux distributions which are still
shipping lm-sensors 3.3.2 or older. Versions 3.3.3 and newer are not

To address this issue, lm_sensors 3.3.3 has been backported to Mageia 2
from Mageia 3.