Advisories ยป MGASA-2022-0112

Updated swtpm packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 23 Mar 2022
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 8
CVE: CVE-2022-23645


swtpm is a libtpms-based TPM emulator with socket, character device, and
Linux CUSE interface. Versions prior to 0.5.3, 0.6.2, and 0.7.1 are
vulnerable to out-of-bounds read. A specially crafted header of swtpm's
state, where the blobheader's hdrsize indicator has an invalid value, may
cause an out-of-bounds access when the byte array representing the state
of the TPM is accessed. This will likely crash swtpm or prevent it from
starting since the state cannot be understood. Users should upgrade to
swtpm v0.5.3, v0.6.2, or v0.7.1 to receive a patch. There are currently no
known workarounds. (CVE-2022-23645)