Advisories ยป MGASA-2019-0068

Updated opencontainers-runc packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 13 Feb 2019
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 6
CVE: CVE-2019-5736


Not using pivot_root(2) leaves the host /proc around in the mount namespace
so that it is possible to mount another /proc without any other submount,
even if /proc in the container is not fully visible. This flaw allows an
attacker to read and modify some parts of the Linux kernel memory

runc through 1.0-rc6 allows attackers to overwrite the host runc binary
(and consequently obtain host root access) by leveraging the ability to
execute a command as root within one of these types of containers: a new
container with an attacker-controlled image, or an existing container, to
which the attacker previously had write access, that can be attached with
docker exec. This occurs because of file-descriptor mishandling, related
to /proc/self/exe (CVE-2019-5736).