Advisories ยป MGASA-2017-0391

Updated exiv2 packages fix security vulnerabilities & bugs

Publication date: 30 Oct 2017
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 5 , 6
CVE: CVE-2017-11336 , CVE-2017-11337 , CVE-2017-11338 , CVE-2017-11339 , CVE-2017-11340 , CVE-2017-11553 , CVE-2017-11591 , CVE-2017-11592 , CVE-2017-11683 , CVE-2017-12955 , CVE-2017-12956 , CVE-2017-12957 , CVE-2017-14857 , CVE-2017-14859 , CVE-2017-14860 , CVE-2017-14862 , CVE-2017-14864


Opening an image created on certain pentax cameras with gwenview, which
uses the exiv2 library, causes gwenview to segfault. Exiv2 upstream
created a patch to resolve this problem (bugfix - applies only to mga6).

The following security issues were also fixed:
*Heap overflow in Exiv2::Image::printIFDStructure (CVE-2017-11336)
*Invalid free in the Action::TaskFactory::cleanup function
*Infinite loop in the Exiv2::Image::printIFDStructure function of
image.cpp (CVE-2017-11338)
*Heap-based buffer overflow in the Image::printIFDStructure function of
image.cpp (CVE-2017-11339)
*Segmentation fault in the XmpParser::terminate() function
*Illegal address access in the extend_alias_table function in
localealias.c (CVE-2017-11553)
*Floating point exception in the Exiv2::ValueType function
*Alloc-dealloc-mismatch in Exiv2::FileIo::seek (CVE-2017-11592)
*Reachable assertion in the Internal::TiffReader::visitDirectory
function in tiffvisitor.cpp (CVE-2017-11683)
*Heap-based buffer overflow in basicio.cpp (CVE-2017-12955)
*Illegal address access in Exiv2::FileIo::path[abi:cxx11]() in
basicio.cpp (CVE-2017-12956)
*Heap-based buffer over-read in the Exiv2::Image::io function in
image.cpp (CVE-2017-12957)
*Bad free in Exiv2::Image::~Image (CVE-2017-14857)
*Invalid memory address dereference in Exiv2::DataValue::read
*Heap-buffer-overflow in Exiv2::Jp2Image::readMetadata (CVE-2017-14860)
*Invalid memory address dereference in Exiv2::StringValueBase::read
*Invalid memory address dereference in Exiv2::getULong (CVE-2017-14864)