Advisories ยป MGASA-2014-0082

Updated tomcat6 packages fix multiple vulnerabilities and logging

Publication date: 17 Feb 2014
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 3
CVE: CVE-2012-3544 , CVE-2013-1571 , CVE-2013-1976 , CVE-2013-2067


Updated tomcat6 packages fix security vulnerabilities:

It was discovered that Tomcat incorrectly handled certain requests
submitted using chunked transfer encoding. A remote attacker could use this
flaw to cause the Tomcat server to stop responding, resulting in a denial
of service (CVE-2012-3544).

A frame injection in the Javadoc component in Oracle Java SE 7 Update 21
and earlier, 6 Update 45 and earlier, and 5.0 Update 45 and earlier;
JavaFX 2.2.21 and earlier; and OpenJDK 7 allows remote attackers to affect
integrity via unknown vectors related to Javadoc (CVE-2013-1571)

A flaw was found in the way the tomcat6 init script handled the
tomcat6-initd.log log file. A malicious web application deployed on Tomcat
could use this flaw to perform a symbolic link attack to change the
ownership of an arbitrary system file to that of the tomcat user, allowing
them to escalate their privileges to root (CVE-2013-1976).

It was discovered that Tomcat incorrectly handled certain authentication
requests. A remote attacker could possibly use this flaw to inject a
request that would get executed with a victim's credentials (CVE-2013-2067).

Note: With this update, tomcat6-initd.log has been moved from
/var/log/tomcat6/ to the /var/log/ directory.