Advisories ยป MGASA-2014-0033

Updated hplip package fixes security vulnerabilities

Publication date: 05 Feb 2014
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases : 3
CVE: CVE-2013-6402 , CVE-2013-6427


It was discovered that the HPLIP Polkit daemon incorrectly handled
temporary files. A local attacker could possibly use this issue to
overwrite arbitrary files. (CVE-2013-6402)

It was discovered that HPLIP contained an upgrade tool that would download
code in an unsafe fashion. If a remote attacker were able to perform a
man-in-the-middle attack, this flaw could be exploited to execute arbitrary
code. (CVE-2013-6427)

Additionnally, this update should fix issues regarding wireless connection
to printer hplip after 3.12.9 and prior to version 3.12.11 had issues with 
setting up wireless connection to printers due to internal code changes
which had not been applied consistently.