Advisories ยป MGAA-2021-0165

Updated libjpeg packages fixes multiple issues with jpeg_skip_scanlines()

Publication date: 07 Aug 2021
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 8


Updated libjpeg packa es fixes packages fixes multiple issues with

Fixes segfaults or "Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment"
errors in jpeg_skip_scanlines() that occurred when decompressing 4:2:2
or 4:2:0 JPEG images using merged (non-fancy) upsampling/color
conversion (that is, when setting cinfo.do_fancy_upsampling to FALSE.) 

jpeg_skip_scanlines() now throws an error if two-pass color quantization
is enabled. Two-pass color quantization never worked properly with

Fixed an issue whereby jpeg_skip_scanlines() always returned 0 when
skipping past the end of an image. 

Fixed unexpected visual artifacts that occurred when using
jpeg_crop_scanline() and interblock smoothing while decompressing only
the DC scan of a progressive JPEG image.