Advisories » MGAA-2020-0174

Updated mariadb packages fix various bugs

Publication date: 18 Aug 2020
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 7


MariaDB 10.3 is the previous stable series of MariaDB, and an evolution of MariaDB 10.2 with several entirely new features not found anywhere else and with backported and reimplemented features from MySQL.

Notable Changes
Limit innodb_encryption_threads to 255 (MDEV-22258).
Minimum value of max_sort_length raised to 8 (previously 4) so fixed size data types like DOUBLE and BIGINT
are not truncated for lower values of max_sort_length (MDEV-22715).

Fixed corruption in delete buffering (MDEV-22497)
Fixed a deadlock in FLUSH TABLES…FOR EXPORT (MDEV-22890)
InnoDB data file extension is not crash-safe (MDEV-23190)
Minor fixes related to encryption and FULLTEXT INDEX
Dropping the adaptive hash index may cause DDL to lock up InnoDB (MDEV-22456)
innodb_log_optimize_ddl=OFF is not crash safe (MDEV-21347)
Mariadb service won't shutdown when it's running and the OS datetime updated backwards (MDEV-17481)
Doublewrite recovery can corrupt data pages (MDEV-11799)
Fixed race conditions related to buffer pool resizing
ALTER TABLE fixes (MDEV-22637, MDEV-23244)
Crash recovery fixes (MDEV-21347, MDEV-23190, MDEV-11799) 

Make the binlog dump thread to log into errorlog a requested GTID position (MDEV-20428)
Fix stop of the optimistic parallel slave at requested START-SLAVE-UNTIL position (MDEV-15152)
Properly handle RESET MASTER TO value, when the value exceeds the max allowed 2147483647 (MDEV-22451)
Correct '' updating by concurrent parallel workers (MDEV-22806)
Eliminate deadlock involving parallel workers, STOP SLAVE and FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK (MDEV-23089)
Correct master-slave automatic reconnection by slave to always pass through all steps of the initial connect.
Specifically, do not skip master notification about slave binlog checksum awareness (MDEV-14203)
Refine mysqlbinlog output to print out START TRANSACTION at Gtid_log_event processing which satisfies clients
that submit the output with sql_mode=oracle (MDEV-23108)
Replication aborts with ER_SLAVE_CONVERSION_FAILED upon CREATE ... SELECT in ORACLE mode (MDEV-19632)

ALTER TABLE ... ANALYZE PARTITION ... with EITS reads and locks all rows ... (MDEV-21472)
Print ranges in the optimizer trace created for non-indexed columns when optimizer_use_condition_selectivity
>2 Now the optimizer trace shows the ranges constructed while getting estimates from EITS (MDEV-22665)
LATERAL DERIVED is not clearly visible in EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON, make LATERAL DERIVED tables visible in EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON output (MDEV-17568)
Crash on WITH RECURSIVE large query (MDEV-22748)
Crash with Prepared Statement with a '?' parameter inside a re-used CTE (MDEV-22779) 

MariaDB could crash after changing the query_cache size (MDEV-5924)
Errors and SIGSEGV on CREATE TABLE w/ various charsets (MDEV-22111)
Crash in CREATE TABLE AS SELECT when the precision of returning type = 0 (MDEV-22502)
XA: Reject DDL operations between PREPARE and COMMIT (MDEV-22420)
Stop mariabackup --prepare on errors during innodb redo log applying (MDEV-22354)
Server crashes in mysql_alter_table upon adding a non-null date column under NO_ZERO_DATE with ALGORITHM=INPLACE (MDEV-18042)
Can't uninstall plugin if the library file doesn't exist (MDEV-21258)

Note from upstream:
When upgrading from MariaDB 10.3.8 or earlier to MariaDB 10.3.9 or higher, running mysql_upgrade is required due to changes introduced in MDEV-14637.