Advisories ยป MGAA-2019-0062

Updated systemd packages fixes booting on new AMD Ryzen systems

Publication date: 11 Jul 2019
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 7


On some AMD CPUs RDRAND will sometimes report success via the carry flag
but nonetheless return the same fixed value -1 in all cases. This appears
to be a bad bug in the CPU or firmware. This causes systems to fail to boot
after suspend/resume.

With the new Amd Ryzen 3xxx series that got released on July 7th, 2019 it's
worse, as the system will fail to boot every time because no systemd service
will start properly.

This update adds a workaround to systemd so it ignores the invalid RDRAND
responses, thus allowing the system to boot.

In this update there is also a fix for udevd having a reversed conditional on
global property set, report causing some ENV variables being reported as not
set even if they are, causing for example a dmraid setup to not get activated
on boot (mga#25027)