Advisories ยป MGAA-2016-0103

Virtualbox 5.0.24 maintenance release

Publication date: 14 Jul 2016
Type: bugfix
Affected Mageia releases : 5


This update provides the virtualbox 5.0.24 maintenance release.

Fixes included in this update are:
* VMM: fixes for certain Intel Atom hosts (bug #14915)
* VMM: properly restore the complete FPU state for 32-bit guests on 64-bit
  hosts on Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs
* VMM: fixed a potential Linux guest panic on AMD hosts
* VMM: fixed a potential hang with 32-bit EFI guests on Intel CPUs (VT-x
  without unrestricted guest execution)
* GUI: don't allow to start subsequent separate VM instances
* GUI: raised upper limit for video capture screen resolution (bug #15432)
* GUI: warn if the VM has less than 128MB VRAM configured and 3D enabled
* Main: when taking a screenshot, don't save garbage for blanked screens
* Main: properly display an error message if the VRDE server cannot be
  enabled at runtime, for example because another service is using the
  same port
* NAT: correctly parse resolv.conf file with multiple separators 
  (5.0.22 regression)
* NAT: Initialize guest address guess for wildcard port-forwarding rules
  with default guest address (bug #15412)
* Storage: fixed a possible corruption of stream optimized VMDK images
  from VMware when opened in read/ write mode for the first time
* VGA: fix for a problem which made certain legacy guests crash under
  certain conditions (bug #14811)
* ACPI: notify the guest when the battery / AC state changes instead of
  relying on guest polling
* ACPI: properly notify the guest if the ACPI battery state changed
* OVF: fixed import problems for some appliances using an AHCI controller
  created by 3rd party applications
* SDK: reduced memory usage in the webservice Java bindings
* Linux hosts: fixed VERR_VMM_SET_JMP_ABORTED_RESUME Guru Meditations on
  hosts with Linux 4.6 or later (bug #15439) 
* Linux hosts: Linux 4.7 fix (bug #15459)
* Linux Additions: Linux 4.7 fixes (bug #15444)
* Linux Additions: fix for certain 32-bit guests (5.0.18 regression;
  bug #15320)
* Linux Additions: fixed mouse pointer offset (5.0.18 regression;
  bug #15324)
* Linux Additions: fixed X.Org crash after hard guest reset (5.0.18
  regression; bug #15354)
* Linux Additions: don't stop the X11 setup if loading the shared
  folders module fails (5.0.18 regression)
* Linux Additions: don't complain if the Drag and Drop service is not
  available on the host